Pokemon GO Will Connect to Pokemon Home By End of the...

On top of a release date and details on The Crown Tundra expansion, this morning also brought new information on Pokemon GO finally connecting...

WB Games & Niantic Detail Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR Mobile...

The next AR game from the creators of Pokemon Go! brings the Wizarding World to our phones in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.  After months of waiting, we now know what the mobile AR game will include.

SCNS – S6E5 – For Honoring Halo

In the 5th episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show, the team breaks down the biggest game coming out this week, For Honor!  Plus, Rob fills us in on what he's watching in Channel Control.  Meanwhile, BC is watching Logan so Jason the X fills in on SCNN.  Can he handle the pressure?  Finally, we honor the Halo series and discuss where the series is headed.  Join us for another hilarious and informative episode of SCNS!  

Pokemon Go is Adding Gen 2 Pokemon Later This Week

New additions are being made to the uber popular app, Pokemon Go.  New Pokemon, Gear, and Features are on their way.  Come inside to learn more about what the new updates will be!

Turns Out Pokemon Go Players With Legendary Pokemon Were Real

If you saw people roaming around social networks talking about players with Legendary Pokemon, well they were not lying.

Evee Easter Egg Confirmed For Pokemon Go; Plus More

Everyone is talking about an Evee trick to get it to evolve into one of three evolutions. Turns out one of these tricks is indeed real. Find out after the jump.

McDonalds Is About To Become Pokestops

You know after all that walking around you probably need the additional calories, or at least a drink. So why not stop inside a McDonalds to fill up on poke balls?

Pokemon Go Is Beating Facebook, Tinder, And WhatsApp

You might have heard of a little app called Pokemon Go by now because it is the biggest app release in recent memory.

Pokemon Go Is Taking Over The World And It’s Amazing

We all knew that Pokemon Go was going to be a big deal, and it was a gamble by the Pokemon Company, but I don’t think any of us expected it to be such a huge deal. Since it’s launch, you can’t go a few hours without hearing someone talk about Pokemon Go. It’s fascinating to me for many reasons, so let’s explore this global craze a little bit more in depth.

Pokemon Go Coming to Europe and Canada Soon; Releases Trailer

The game that has swept the world has released a new trailer and announced that Europe and Canada are next!  Check out this new trailer!

Skywalker A Family at War (Book Review)

The galaxy’s most influential family gets a historical account in the latest Star Wars book. Chronicling the Skywalker journey from Shmi to Rey, it’s...