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THQ Nordic Gets Fans Excited for Darksiders III, Reveals In-Game Backstory...

We are only 7 days aways from finally getting out hands on DarkSiders III. It has been 6 years since the original release of...

Sony Announces Days Gone Release Date!

Sony is getting ahead of the E3 curb and boy do it make them look awesome!

2nd Opinion Podcast #213 – The Future of Playstation is..Not Here?!

WAIT, The Playstation 5 may not come out until 2021? GOOD!

We streamed God of War from start to finish, Check it...

The time has come for Kratos to return, we must prepare our minds for this mindblowing experiance!

Unboxing The God of War Stone Mason Edition!

We have waited so long for this moment and boy does this Collectors Edition make it all look worth the money!

Our Far Cry 5 Walkthrough Stream So Far!

Been on the fence about Far Cry 5? Well, The Father is here to lead you on the path to the right choice!

15 Minutes of God of War Gameplay Released, We Cry Tears...

Man, I dont think I have been this excited for a PlayStation title since Metal Gear Solid 1! Who ready for a new God of War!?

Sony Santa Monica Shows us the new God of War Combat...

God of War is looking to be all things we love from the past, with a dash of Dark Souls? 

Project Scorpio / PS4 Pro, Why Should We Be Excited?

Microsoft finally revealed the specs of Project Scorpio with more information expected to be released leading up to E3 in June, but they forgot one important aspect. Games. 

Xbox Scorpio Rumors Flood In Amid Testing

Microsoft announced Project Scorpio at last years E3, a new Xbox that is set to release late this year. Beyond Microsoft wanting it to be a beast under the hood, we really have no idea what it is. Well Microsoft just entered testing for the new unit and with it has come some possible leaks as to what we can expect.

Turtle Beach Announces Stealth 600 & Stealth 700 Gen 2 Gaming...

With the next generation of gaming rapidly approaching, Turtle Beach is rolling out their next generation of Stealth series gaming headsets. This morning, video...