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Ten Best Political Thrillers

With politics on our minds for Election Day, we've created this list of the best politically-motivated films. We promise they will cause less anxiety and be more fun than actual politics.


Collin is at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Hollywood, CA; come inside and check it out!

Directors Joe & Anthony Russo Discuss Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing team behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier, discuss the film on the eve of the Blu-ray release.

Oscar Snubs and Head-Scratchers

The Academy Awards may be the most prestigious movie awards out there, but that doesn’t mean they always make the best decisions. Join us as we discuss which potential nominees got left out and which nominees don’t belong.  

The Horse Whisperer Blu-ray Review

The Movie Pool listens closely to The Horse Whisperer Blu-ray!

Win 4 Blu-ray movies: Phenomenon, Step Up, Under the Tuscan Sun...

Here's your chance to win four Blu-rays from Touchstone Home Entertainment!

The Conspirator Blu-ray Review!

The Movie Pool takes in one of 2011's best films so far: The Conspirator on Blu-ray!

Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast – Episode IXX

It’s another episode of Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast, and The Galactic Senate are talking Ahsoka Tano! This week on Jackass One, Darth Jah-Cass...