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Ten of the Strangest Disney Live-Action Films You Probably Forgot About

Disney has a long and varied history of live-action films. This is a look at some of the most bizarre you would not have expected to have been produced by the Walt Disney Company. 

Next James Bond Movie Gets A Release Date

James Bond is on his way back!  The official twitter page for the MI6 agent has confirmed a US release date for the next film in the long, illustrious franchise!

Highlander 30th Anniversary Blu-ray coming 9/27

Celebrate 30 years of Highlander with a new Blu-ray!

Actors who ALMOST Played Famous Roles

 Did you ever see an actor/actress in a famous role and then hear later that they were not the first, or even the second choice to play the iconic part? Many of the legendary movie characters began as a vehicle for a different star than the one who we know-and-love in the part. Here are a few of the greatest examples of famous "Almosts'.

Co-Stars Who Should Have Worked Together More Than Once

 Sometimes actors are cast in a movie together and instantly display great onscreen chemistry. You look at them and think, “These two should work together again. They make a good team.” Sometimes they do reunite and it leads to a series of great screen collaborations, but sometimes they don’t and we’re left wishing the pair would have made more films together.

Examining Hollywood Remakes: Casino Royale

Our series on remakes continues, but there’s a twist this time. For a change, we’ll be looking at a good remake of a bad old movie. This week, Cinelinx looks at Casino Royale (2006).

Ranked: Every James Bond Film

Cinelinx honors one of the longest running movie franchises in history by ranking all the primary Bond films from worst to best.

Is James Bond Just a Code Name Handed Down to Different...

 There’s been a fan theory going around for several years that James Bond 007 is just an alias used by many British Agents over the years. Cinelinx looks at the arguments for and against this theory.

James Bond on Location: A Map For Every Bond Film

The twenty-fourth Bond film hits theaters this week. To gear up for the exciting release of Spectre, we’ve created this infographic to depict every locale that has been filmed in a Bond movie. 

Blu-ray Review: Outland

The late 1970s and early 1980s were a groundbreaking period for science fiction films. It got kicked off by Star Wars, which fueled the imaginations of many directors of the time. It also caused studios to trip over each other in their search for the next big space saga. Some of those films were fun like Battle Beyond the Stars. Others were serious works of art like Alien, The Black Hole, and Peter Hyams' Outland

Everything Is Canon: Make Them Cry

On this episode of "Everything is Canon", Steve talks with the writing team of Smith Henderson and Jon Marc Smith all about their debut...