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Everything Is Canon: Season Finale

On the season finale of Everything is Canon, Steve is joined by author Rebecca Coffindaffer as they look back at their favorite books from...

So Long Psych: Series Finale Review



Shawn and Gus wrapped up their last crime in Santa Barbara last night in the series finale of Psych. Did the series wrap up with a bang or a whimper? Read our review to find out.

Psych is Saying Goodbye Next Month After Eight Years


The popular cable comedy Psych is ending its eight-year run next month. After more than 100 episodes, Shawn and Gus will solve their last case on March 26.

TV Review: The Walking Dead —”Beside the Dying Fire”


The farm—and the group's sense of security—burns in ashes in The Walking Dead's momentous season finale.

Dune: The Lady of Caladan (Review)

The latest Dune novel arrives this week, bringing a tighter story to the prequel, but some similar issues. Check out our full review! Last year,...