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The Success and Failure of Pixar’s Sequels

Best case, sequels can add depth to a franchise and keep fans happy. Worst case, they can feel unnecessary or worse. In the case...

Warner Bros. Goes All-In On Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find...

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hasn't even released worldwide and yet Warner Bros. has decided that they've seen enough to order not one, not two, but five more movies!  Come inside for more info!

10 Movie Sequels That Are Borderline Remakes

Over the years, sequels have gotten a bad rap for representing lack of originality in film making. These are some examples of such films that didn't exactly exude creativity. 

Five Important Lessons Hollywood Needs To Learn

Filmmakers think they know what we want, but do they really? Do the executives sitting behind big, round tables in the executive offices of the major movie studios really have their finger on the pulse of the public? In fact, it’s questionable if even some of the creative talent, such as big name directors really understand what the people want. (Looking at you, Zack Snyder!) Is the film industry headed in the right direction? Well, we’re offering some free advice to Hollywood today. Cinelinx is listing 5 lessons that the people behind the cameras and desks need to know.

Are Theater Audiences Finally Getting Sick of Sequels?

Is (lack of) audience turnout at theaters this summer an indication that people have become fed up with the massive amount of sequels pouring out of Hollywood? We compare box office results and popular trends regarding some of this year’s biggest films to find out what could be happening. 

James Cameron’s Avatar Series Expands to 5; Mapped Out to 2023

During a panel at Cinemacon 2016, 20th Century Fox and James Cameron revealed a 5th Avatar movie set to release in 2023.  They also announced the dates for every Avatar movie and how the series will work.  Come inside to find out more and their swanky new series logo!

9 Film Projects That Were Rewritten to Become Sequels

We recently saw the release of the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, which started life as an independent film unrelated to Cloverfield but was rewritten as a sequel (of sorts). This got us thinking about other films that were conceived as original projects but were altered by studios to become sequels to existing franchises.

The Good, the Bad and the Meh of the Force Awakens...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened this weekend and it’s conquering the film galaxy by smashing all previous box office records. It’s getting mostly positive reviews and it’s the first sequel since 1983 to make fans leave the theater happy. Cinelinx looks at the pros, cons and the mediocre moments of this blockbuster hit. But beware of spoilers.

Worst Indiana Jones Film: Temple of Doom vs. Crystal Skull

Is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull really the worst Indiana Jones movie out there?  We dive into the beloved franchise to see and make the argument that Temple of Doom is as bad—or worse—than Crystal Skull is. 

Bad Ideas: Films We’re Glad Never Got Made

While we often lament some of the films that end up stuck in development Hell, never to become realized on the big screen, there are some films we should all be glad never came to fruition.  

Everything Is Canon: Halloween Special

In this special Halloween episode of Everything is Canon, Steve is joined by co-host Jessica Salafia Ward (LaughingPlace.com) as they speak with Disney Chills...