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Fast-paced spin-off Harvest Moon: Mad Dash launches later this year

Natsume is launching the latest title in the Harvest Moon series later this year with some new features to the long-running franchise. Harvest Moon: Mad Dash...

Marvel Announces Mystery Project With 12 Years A Slave Writer John...

Marvel is planning a new TV series for ABC which will be penned by John Ridley. Ridley wrote the award winning 12 Years a Slave and Red Tails. Which project is he working on with Marvel?

Costume for the New Flash Stays Close to Iconic Comic Version


The design for the costume of the super-fast hero in the upcoming Flash series remains basically faithful to the DC Comics character.


Jack is Back: Sutherland Returning in New 24 Series


Terrorists beware! Jack Bauer is back in a new 12-part series, coming in May on Fox. The series 24: Live Another Day will take place in London and feature former cast members.


The CW Gives a Synopsis of the Arrow Episode that Introduces...

The CW network has released the full episode synopsis of the upcoming episode of Arrow entitled “The Scientist,” which features the first appearance of the Flash, who will be getting his own CW series in 2014.

‘Xerxes’ Re-Titled ‘300: Battle of Artemisia’; 2 Possible Directors Named

As far as spin-offs go, if they’re done right then this writer is all for them. Does it bode well then that Xerxes has been re-titled by Warner Bros. and is now 300: Battle of Artemisia? If you look at it from a branding perspective, most likely this new title is better for the 300 franchise since it obviously links the semi-prequel with the smash hit original 300 starring Gerard Butler.

Viotek Reveals Massive 49-Inch Monitor

Get ready to give your eyeballs a treat and take your gaming and creativity to the next level with the latest ultra-wide Monitor from...