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Stern Reveals New Star Wars Comic Art Inspired Pinball Table

The iconic Pinball company, Stern Pinball, has launched a brand new Star Wars cabinet, capturing the iconic film in eye-popping in comic art style....

Pinball FX3 Adds 3 New Solo: A Star Wars Story Tables...

Zen Studios is bringing a new set of Star Wars pinball tables to Pinball FX3, this time based on the most recent film release, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Come inside to learn more!

The Last Jedi Themed Tables Coming to Pinball FX3

Next month will see Pinball FX3 journey to the galaxy far, far away with two new pinball tables based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Come inside to check out the first trailer and details on the upcoming pack!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pinball Tables Launching Next Week

The developers behind the incredible Pinball FX 2 game have already dished out some greath Star Wars tables over the last ocuple years, but today, they've revealed a pair of tables based on The Force Awakens that will be hitting platforms next week!  Come inside to take your first look at them.  

Star Wars Rebels Pinball Launches This Week

The eleventh pinball table from the galaxy far, far away is hitting Zen Pinball this week as a DLC purchase and brings in events and characters from the newest Star Wars characters.  Check them out in action with this launch trailer before downloading!

Four New Tables Revealed for Star Wars Pinball

If you've been keeping up with the Star Wars tables for Zen Studios' Pinball FX2, then you'll be pretty happy to see what they have in store for their last batch of tables that will be coming soon to just about every platform, in their Heroes Within expansion.  Come inside to learn more about the new tables and see one of them in action!

The Force gets Balanced on the Wii U This Week

Star Wars Pinball (one of my favorite virtual pinball games) the table expansion for Pinball FX 2 from Zen Studios is expanding once again on the Wii U.  While it's second set of three table, called the Balance of the Force, has been available for a little bit on the 360 and PS3, it's now finally heading to Wii U owners later this week!

PSN and XBLA Dates Confirmed for Star Wars Pinball: Balance of...

Today, Zen Studios, have announced the official release dates for the upcoming trio of tables for their impressive (and addicting) Star Wars Pinball game, called Balance of the Force, complete with a new trailer highlighting Starfight Assault table.  Sadly, while everyone else will be playing the game in just a couple weeks, Wii U and iOS players will have to wait a little longer.  Come inside to check out the details!

Zen Studios Reveals the Next 3 Tables for Star Wars Pinball

Back when Zen Studios, the developers behind the awesome Pinball FX 2, announced they had acquired the rights to created pinball tables based off of Star Wars, they initially announced a total of 9 tables would be happening.  We've had the first three for a while now (and they were incredible!), but now they've revealed the next three tables coming in Balance of the Force.  Come inside to check out the first screenshots and trailer!

GAME REVIEW: Star Wars Pinball

Cinelinx tries out the new Star Wars Pinball DLC for PS3!

ROCCAT ELO X Stereo Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui6VTKk5CiE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR00kUnVrX1v1RuJWBK3i8VStZe4GeWNVfmLh8_oTWqAkGsq9KyH2Mj-T7s Our latest headset review has us putting the ROCCAT ELO X Stereo Gaming Headset through the paces. After logging hours upon hours of gaming...