THE GAME AWARDS Calls for Gamers to Vote

For the first time in the event's history, The Game Awards are calling gamers to vote on categories ranging from best game of 2018 to best soundtrack. It's all exciting stuff, and who doesn't like to make their voice heard? Vote now! 

The Game Awards 2018 Announces Plans to Go Global; Airing on...

The Game Awards is expanding and crossing borders, as it plans to hit 9 different countries on 40 different networks!  More within...

Date Released for The Game Awards

The Game Awards is the biggest award ceremony for video games, and tickets are going on sale tomorrow! It may seem far away in December, but these tickets are hot! Find out where you can get your hands on some tickets, right here.

Nintendo Shines With The Most Nominations For The Game Awards

The nominations for the Game Awards have been revealed and it should come to a surprise by no one that Nintendo is leading the way in nominations this year!  Here are all the nominations and how to vote!

The Game Awards 2016: The Highs and Lows

Last night brought about the annual Game Awards which featured its normal exclusives, awkward moments, and some incredible high points.  With all that went down, I'm taking a look at this year's high and low points with hope for the next year.  Come inside to check it out! 

The Nominees for The Game Awards 2016 Are…

The Game Awards 2016 are only a few weeks away!  Which means, it's time to find out if your favorite games of 2016 got nominated!  Come inside for the full list of nominees!

The Game Awards 2016 Announced Along With Streaming Details

The Game Awards (once known as the VGAs) are making a return this year in order to highlight the year's best games, industry accomplishments, and tease some of the upcoming titles.  Come inside to find out when the event is taking place this year, and how to watch!  

And the Nominees for The Game Awards 2015 are…

As we reported earlier this month, The Game Awards will be live on December 3rd, on a bevy of streaming sites.  Now, here are the nominatees and the categories.

Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards 2015 Arrives in December

The 2nd Annual Game Awards is happening on December 3rd and there are many different ways to watch it!  Read on for more details!

The Game Awards Isn’t What the Industry Deserves, but it Could...

Last week's The Game Awards had it's fair share of problems that gamers and audiences weren't exactly quiet about, but the show could be something amazing and exactly what the industry needs if they make some changes.  Cinelinx breaks down how to fix this awards show for next year.  

New The Bad Batch Black Series Toys Revealed

On top of showing off the new Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary figures this morning, Hasbro has also shown off new toys from The Bad Batch! Star...