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Explosions, Aliens, and The Hulk Abound in ‘Avengers’ Super Bowl Teaser

Earlier today, Disney hosted an Avengers Q&A via Twitter with members of the cast.  As a special treat to those who participated, they also gave a brief tease of the spot that'll be playing during this weekend's Super Bowl...and of course we're passing it on to you guys!

‘The Divide’ Trailer Hypothesizes Post-Apocalyptic Life with Michael Biehn

It's not nearly as fun and sexy as your dreams have made it out to be.

First Look At Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The Avengers

Following the news that brand new footage from The Avengers will debut at next month's New York Comic Con, the Blu-Ray trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger offers up our first look at the filming of the highly anticipated superhero ensemble!

New Real Steel Featurette Takes Us Behind The ‘Main Event’

Disney/Dreamworks have provided TMP with an all new featurette for the upcoming Sci-Fi robot boxing film, Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman.  "Main Event" takes you behind the scenes to see how these robots are realized.

Highlights from the D23 Expo 2011!

This year's D23 Expo has probably been one of the biggest for Disney.  With appearances from The Avengers, John Carter, and announcements for even more PIxar films, there is quite a bit for fans of all ages to enjoy.  So we thought we'd share some of the highlights with you.

Laugh it Up: Watch Harrison Ford Settle His Feud with Chewbacca

Believe it or not, there was some bad blood between Chewbacca and Harrison Ford after Return of the Jedi. Since then, they have never reunited.  But now that Ford is back on top again with Cowboys and Aliens, and Chewbacca is slumming around with the little bit of fame he has left, it was about time the two came face to face once more  Watch the sparks fly after the jump.

Top 10 Comic Book Movie Quotes

If you've paid attention to the site, then you've probably realized that we here at TMP love our comic book movies. So we found it fitting that our very first VIDEO countdown feature that genre of films.

Blinky Is Easily The Most Disturbing Short Film You’ll See In...

Ruairi Robinson, has released the full version of his new short film Blinky, in which a smiling and helpful robot goes just a little crazy.  It's interesting, chilling, entirely unforgettable, and we've got the full film for you here.

Slew of media and reports arise from the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot set

For the past week, set pictures of the new Spider-Man in action have been hitting the net.  As you know, we here at TMP enforce a strict “overcrowding” rule, which basically states that we don’t want to write too many articles about one particular subject to better makes sure that the subject doesn’t get boring.  We just don’t think that we should bombard you with multiple stories about a single film…well, unless it’s Tron: Legacy.  Or The Dark Knight Rises.  Or Gravity.  You know what, scratch everything I just said, we were just being lazy.  However, we decided that the massive amount of set news (which are in no way, shape, or form associated with the studio) can no longer be ignored.  So hit the jump to find pictures, reports, and video from the set of the new Spider-Man.

Second ‘The American’ trailer sneaks onto the web

The Second trailer for George Clooney's Italian based (but patriotically named) film has hit the web, and gives off more of that old school charm.

His Dark Materials: Lyra’a Oxford Gift Edition Coming This Fall

After the recent release of The Golden Compass Illustrated Edition an oversized, lavishly illustrated collector’s edition of Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy classic, a now...