Geek Pick of the Week: Robosen and Hasbro’s Elite Optimus Prime

Our final Geek Pick of the Week for this Holiday season is a doozy as we review the new Elite Optimus Prime…a FULLY FUNCTIONING robot.

As the Holiday season approaches, we’re bringing back our Geek Pick of the Week. Each week leading up to Christmas, we’ll be highlighting a cool product we’ve found that we feel would be the perfect gift for geeks of all kinds. Use these to help fill in your own wish list or find the perfect gift for the nerds in your life. Click HERE to read more about previous Picks of the Week!

I’ve had the good fortune to check out a number of amazing things throughout this year’s Geek Pick of the Week features, but our final one may be the coolest. At the very least, it’s easily the coolest TOY I’ve ever had the chance to play around with.

Robosen and Hasbro were kind enough to send their new Elite Optimus Prime toy my way. This is a new model, different from the Flagship model they launched last year. It’s a little smaller (which actually makes it a bit faster), but manages to pack in all the same amount of awesome:

I absolutely LOVE this thing. I’m not even a big Transformers collector/fan (any Transformers stuff I have is Beast Wars related), and I can’t stop playing with it. It’s been a blast to use alongside my kids as we give Optimus various commands to execute, and upload new functions to see all the stuff it can do. That’s not to mention driving him around the house via the remote control function on the app.

It’s an amazing toy all around, and I can only imagine this being a top priority for actual fans/collectors to get their hands on. If the Flagship model is out of your price range, definitely try and pick up the Elite version. It’s smaller scale makes it cheaper (at $699), but also means it’ll fit in with some of your larger Transformers toys as well. Giving you even more play/display options.

While it’s probably too late to snag one to put under the tree this year, I can’t imagine any fan being upset at having to wait a couple weeks to get their hands on this bit of awesomeness.

Robosen’s Elite Optimus Prime is available right now, and they even have a sale going on taking $100 off.

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