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Vader Immortal Comes to PlayStation VR This Summer

The three-part VR series/game, Vader Immortal, is making the jump to the PlayStation VR in a single bundle for fans to enjoy. If you've been...

Razer Is Making Their Own VR Headset to Compete With Vive...

If you've been intersted in getting into the upcoming VR craze, but are worried about the steep prices on Rift and Vive, you might be in luck with Razer's HDK 2.  Come inside to learn more about the new headset that's launching at just $399.

PlayStation VR Coming October 13

One of the big reveals during Sony's E3 2016 press conference was the announcment of PlayStation VR's release date, along with a slew of titles available at launch.  Come inside to learn more! 

VR Puzzle Sequel, Esper 2, Gets a Release Date

Coatsink Software has been carving a nice niche out for themselves with their VR offerings, and today brings word about when gamers can get their hands a sequel to one of their popular puzzle titles, Esper.  Come inside to check it out!

Coatsink VR Project Gets A Few Actors Onboard

Coatsink just gained three well know actors for their new VR project.  Come inside to read more.

Dlodlo Announces Lightweight Virtual Reality Glasses

Technology is running headlong into the virtual reality spectrum with many major companies developing hardware to take advantage of it. Today Dlodlo has revealed a new light-weight wearable set (that look more like sunglasses) that will be hitting later this month.  Come inside to learn more! 

Virtually A Reality: Horror Games Will Become Even Scarier!

In past years virtual reality was something of a pipe dream, like light sabers and hoverboards. With the Oculus Rift DK2 recently sweeping Innovation Of The Year at the Golden Joystick awards, things are looking promising in the virtual reality world. There are numberless possibilities for what can be achieved with virtual reality technology, but since it’s Halloween, let’s talk horror games!

The VR Trinity Magnum Motion Controller Takes to KickStarter

Virtual Reality gaming is seeing a surge with both the Oculus Rift and Sony's newly announced Morpheus vying to take gamers to an all new level.  But, other VR accessories are coming to enhance the experience further.  Much like the Oculus Rift, Trinity's Magnum motion controller (which is getting a lot of positive buzz from leading industry people) is taking to KickStarter in order to secure funding.  Come inside to learn more about the controller and how you can help!  

Are We Ready For Virtual Reality?

 Virtual Reality is something which has fascinated gamers for decades. The promise of recreating or reinterpreting ones real-life surroundings in a computer-simulated environment is enough to excite even the firmest of skeptics. As a concept, it’s always been there, sitting on the cusp of the mainstream in what feels like perpetual development but for one reason or another hasn’t quite broken the threshold.

USPS Launching New Star Wars Stamps This Spring

Heads up Star Wars fans/collectors, the Post Office is launching a new series of stamps, inspired by your favorite droids later this year! This isn't...