Dlodlo Announces Lightweight Virtual Reality Glasses

If you’re interested in getting in on the VR craze that’s going on, you may want to take a look at the newest one from Dlodlo.  It’s a much smaller headset but still comes packed with some serious gear as well.  Check out all the details, and you can start ordering them later this month: 

Dlodlo, the Virtual Reality innovators, announced today Dlodlo VR Glasses, the world’s lightest portable immersive Virtual Reality glasses.  Fashionably designed, wireless, and ultra-lightweight at just 4 ounces (120g) – four times lighter than VR headsets, Dlodlo VR Glasses are portable and comfortable with the look and fit of sunglasses — unlike competitors’ clunky and heavy head-mounted displays. Dlodlo VR Glasses also provide the highest Full HD resolution of 2K with a 16:9 aspect ratio and the fastest 120Hz refresh rate for a display without dizziness, lag, distortion, or screen door effect.  Dlodlo supports 2D/3D switch video, 4K video displays and provides the largest 110° Field of View (FOV) for a no-border fully immersive VR experience. Dlodlo makes you feel like you are a star in the movie or battling in the video game for the most exciting Virtual Reality experience ever.

Works with All Bluetooth Devices — Not Proprietary, No PC Needed 

Dlodlo does not require a PC or specific type of smartphone to use. It employs Android 4.4 OS with built-in Bluetooth to work with any Bluetooth device, including gaming devices, smartphones, tablets, speakers, headsets, stereo headphones, laptops, and more.  The Dlodlo VR Glasses have the best user interface, interaction, and an open API for a real VR ecosystem. It has a physical biomimetic optical imaging design for a wider FOV and more comfortable display. Easy to carry, wear, and use, Dlodlo also adjusts from 58mm to 70mm to help with vision problems, so you don’t have to wear corrective glasses under the device.

Dlodlo VR Glasses

As Light to Wear as Sunglasses with Skin-Friendly Material

“At Dlodlo, we’ve adopted an optical imaging system with perfectly combined optical technology and physical hardware using safe, skin-friendly material that’s as light to wear as sunglasses,” said Li Gang, CEO, Dlodlo. “Our VR glasses provide a distortion-free top quality 2K Full HD resolution display with biomimetic eye contrast ratio and definition design, so the user has a wonderful visual feast when using the Dlodlo VR Glasses.”

For Gaming, Video Entertainment, Apps, Education, Sports, Medical, Real Estate & More

The Dlodlo VR Glasses are used in a variety of ways:  for gaming, movies, apps, and adult entertainment; in addition to use in schools, government, and corporations for education and training; in hospitals and medical offices during operations, research, and patient consultations; with the disabled, and much more.  Dlodlo has an interactive mode with touch and move-enabled controls, so the applications are endless.

Dlodlo VR Glasses Features:

The thinnest, lightest VR glasses, weighing only 4 ounces (120g).

The only independent OS VR glasses; uses Android 4.4 OS with no need to rely on a PC.

The highest HD resolution VR glasses at 2K+ Full HD clear screen resolution, with a distortion-free 16:9 aspect ratio.

Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 can be paired with any Bluetooth device, including gaming devices, speakers, headsets, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

No dizziness, lag, distortion or screen door effect.

Fastest refresh rate at 120Hz.

First fully portable VR glasses, most portable, easy to carry and use.

As light to wear as sunglasses — 4 times lighter than other VR displays.

Uses safe, skin-friendly material.

Uses bionic optical design based on an imaging principle that adapts physical biomimetic optics for a wider FOV and more comfortable display.

110° FOV fully immerses users into Virtual Reality.

Natural color effects:  uses military-grade high-definition display modules for colors closer to nature for 97% more natural color spectrum.

3D Display supports 2D/3D switch and all video formats.

Supports external stereo headphones audio-wide.

Interactive mode with touch and move-enabled controls.

Colors:  Black, Ivory, Champion Gold.

Dimensions:  163.3×54.4×30.3mm (not including glasses’ arms).

Connector:  Micro USB 2.0, OTG and stereo headphone.

Battery:  2000mAh rechargeable.

Microphone built-in.

Multi-language support.

Priced at $699, Dlodlo VR Glasses will begin shipping May 27th, 2015, available at Dlodlo.com, Tmall.com, Jd.com, Amazon, DHGate.com, Lightinthebox, Deal Extreme, Ali Express, eBay.com, Taobao.com and more. Available in Black, Ivory and Champion Gold with built-in Microphone, rechargeable 2000mAh battery, and Micro USB cable, the Dlodlo VR Glasses are compatible with all Bluetooth devices.


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