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Dlodlo Introduces Slim VR Glasses For Consumers


If you've been thinking about getting into VR but not sure what to make of the bulky headsets, tech developers Dlodlo may have your solution.  They've announced a new VR Glass set, looking to make the technology more friendly to general consumers.  Come inside to take a look! 

Razer Is Making Their Own VR Headset to Compete With Vive...


If you've been intersted in getting into the upcoming VR craze, but are worried about the steep prices on Rift and Vive, you might be in luck with Razer's HDK 2.  Come inside to learn more about the new headset that's launching at just $399.

Dlodlo Announces Lightweight Virtual Reality Glasses


Technology is running headlong into the virtual reality spectrum with many major companies developing hardware to take advantage of it. Today Dlodlo has revealed a new light-weight wearable set (that look more like sunglasses) that will be hitting later this month.  Come inside to learn more! 

Joel, Ellie, and More Come to Life in New Last of...

One show that gamers and geeks are excited to start is for sure The Last of Us live-action series. In the latest tease, HBO...