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Days Gone Hit With Another Delay

If you've been looking forward to the motorcycle and zombie action of Days Gone, you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer, as Sony has pushed the game back once again. 

Strange Brigade Launch Trailer Arrives, Who is ready to kill some...

 The Strange Brigade launch trailer is here and man we cant wait to take down some evil undead freaks!

Meet Aiden, The First Playable Character in Overkill’s The Walking Dead

A new version of The Walking Dead is on its way to a console/PC near you.  A new cinematic trailer for the zombie game has debuted, introducing us to one of the few playable survivors!

Resident Evil 2 Remake Confirmed

Rumors have been spinning that a Resident Evil 2 Remake was on the way from Capcom, and today we can confirm that the rumors are true.

Ubisoft Drops the U from ZombiU For a PS4 and Xbox...

If you were intrigued by the zombie survival game that was exclusive to the Wii U, but never picked up the system, you're in luck.  Ubisoft has announced a port of the game is coming to the other consoles next month.  Come inside to learn more!

Deep Silver Drops Dead Island 2 Developer

Despite a neat announcement trailer at last year's E3 for Dead Island 2, Deep Silver's upcoming sequel was a no-show this year, and was officially delayed until sometime next year.  Now there's more trouble on the horizon for the game as Deep Silver has decided to switch developers on the game.  

Get Started on Dying Light’s Story by Checking out the Opening...

Techland is giving gamers eager for more on Dying Light's story the chance to check out the opening cinematic to give us all a feel for the game's story and how you'll be starting off your journey when the game releases in January.  Come inside to watch it!

H1Z1, Sony’s Zombie MMO, Hits Early Access Next Month

Sony Online Entertainment has still been hard at work on their upcoming zombie-survival game, H1Z1, and a lot of people are about to finally get their hands on it, as they've announced the game will be getting Early Access in January. 

Dying Light Kicks the Last-Generation to the Curb

If you're looking forward to playing Techland's Dying Light early next year, then you better make sure you've got a PlayStation 4 or a Xbox One, as the developers have announced that they've decided to drop the previous generation platforms.

Techland’s Dying Light Gets a January Release Date

The upcoming free-running, parkour based, zombie game from the developers of Dead Island broke a few hearts when it was announced that the game was slipping from it's intended 2014 release date into a vague 2015 window.  Today brings word of Dying Light's brand new release date and it's not as far away as you expected.  Come inside to find out when you'll be able to play!

Celebrate The Holidays With Penguin Random House And Dungeons & Dragons!

There’s nothing quite like the holiday season, spending time with family and friends, eating, drinking, and that general feeling of merriment. Gathering around a...