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Examining Hollywood Remakes: The Fly

It’s a new year but we’re still looking at remakes and what makes them good or bad. For our latest article, we’ve got one of the good ones as we break down David Cronenberg’s The Fly.

Directors’ Trademarks: David Cronenberg

About once a month, Cinelinx will chose one director for an in-depth examination of the “signatures” that they leave behind in their work. This week, we’re examining the trademark style and calling signs of David Cronenberg as director.

Best Horror Subgenres: Body Horror – Creeping You Out

Body horror plays off of one of our most natural reactions as living creatures, avoiding pain. Since we are all biologically pre-programmed to do this, body horror can be very efficient at making you squirm.

Rated: Cosmopolis (2012)


Is it possible for a film to be too edgy? To go too far? David Cronenberg’s latest film tries to find an answer to that question. 


Lionsgate Would Like Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu, or David Cronenberg...

Yesterday, director Gary Ross confirmed that he was no longer set to direct the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire.  Not missing a beat, Lionsgate already had a shortlist prepared for who could take the reigns of the franchise.  And you know what?  About all of them are better choices than Gary Ross.  Find out more about the shortlist right after the jump.

Check Out the First Trailer for David Cronenberg’s ‘A Dangerous Method’

The last few days have been crazy with trailers.  Puss and Boots, Harry Potter, Footloose, The Muppets, 30 Minutes or Less, and many other films we didn't get a chance to focus on here at TMP.  But does the trailer for David Cronenberg's newest film, A Dangerous Method, reign champion over them all?

The Casual Cinecast Discusses The Marriage Story and More

This week's all new episode of the Casual Cinecast features a review of Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story, along with Star Wars and Watchmen discussions.  Earlier...