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Channel Control

Don’t touch that dial!  Channel Control is your #1 stop for all news related to television.  Whether your flavor is prime time dramas or Saturday morning cartoons, Cinelinx's Channel Control has you covered, with the latest news.  If you love television, then be sure to bookmark Channel Control and participate in our member discussions in the Channel Control group! 

Channel Control - Relax kid. We're back.

We're Back. We're rested so lets talk TV.

Is Bright really the worst TV movie of 2017? Rob Ntropi & Quad C lets you know what's up. WWE will be having the first All-Womens Royal Rumble. Those ladies have come a long way, but will they be able to make it the event of the year? Lets hear what the guys think. Finally Krypton is getting close and we'll tell you just what we think of it.

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