Doom Patrol Season 2 Blu-Ray Details Announced

Warner Bros. has revealed the details for the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Doom Patrol‘s second season, including a release date and featurettes!

As you wait for Doom Patrol to return for season 3 (presumably sometime in 2021), you’ll be able to relive the adventures from season 2 in Blu-ray form. WB has announced the complete second season will hit the physical format on January 26, 2021:

DC’s strangest group of Super Heroes are back again to save the world – that is if they can find a way to grow up…both figuratively and literally. Following the defeat of Mr. Nobody, the DOOM PATROL now find themselves mini-sized and stranded on Cliff’s toy race car track. Here they begin to deal with their feelings of betrayal with Niles Caulder aka The Chief, while confronting their own personal baggage. As each Super Hero faces the challenge of moving beyond trauma and failure, they must come together to protect the newest family member, Niles’ daughter, whose powers remain a mysterious but real threat to bringing on the end of the world.


The Transformers: Doom Patrol’s Make-up FX
Doom Patrol – Come Visit Georgia PSA


1.Fun Size Patrol
2.Tyme Patrol
3.Pain Patrol
4.Sex Patrol
5.Finger Patrol
6.Space Patrol
7.Dumb Patrol
8.Dad Patrol
9.Wax Patrol

Will you be picking up Doom Patrol season two on Blu-ray this January?

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