First Season of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal Comes to Blu-Ray This Summer

Warner Bros. has announced the first season of Primal, the gorgeously brutal animated series from Genndy Tartakovsky, is getting a blu-ray release!

If you missed out on Primal when it aired, or simply want to rewatch it again in the high quality format, you’ll get your chance this Summer. WB has announced the first season of Primal will launch on Blu-Ray/DVD on June 1, 2021.

Eat, or be eaten! Kill, or be killed! Get into survival mode with Adult Swim’s #1 prehistoric animated series with the release of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on June 1, 2021.

The critically acclaimed series displays a perfect 100% rating by critics & 99% by audience on Rotten Tomatoes, and recently won 3 Juried Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Animation.

Coming off an award-winning final season of “Samurai Jack,” Adult Swim reunites with creator Genndy Tartakovsky on a new animated series. “Primal” features a caveman at the dawn of evolution. A dinosaur on the brink of extinction. Bonded by tragedy, this unlikely friendship becomes the only hope of survival in a violent, primordial world.


Behind the Scenes Interviews


Spear and Fang
River of Snakes
A Cold Death
Terror Under the Blood Moon
Rage of the Ape-Men
Scent of Prey
Plague of Madness
Coven of the Damned
The Night Feeder
Slave of the Scorpion

Will you be picking up Primal on Blu-ray this June?