Detective Pikachu 2 Gets a Director and Writer

Looks like things are finally moving forward on the Detective Pikachu sequel, as Legendary is currently in negotiations with a director to helm the project.

Despite being a general hit with fans and critics, movement on a sequel to Detective Pikachu has been incredibly slow. As relations between WB and Legendary seemed to have soured, many wondered if a sequel would happen at all. Now, it looks like things are finally getting on track.

Deadline is reporting that the Portlandia co-creator, Jonathan Krisel, is currently in negotiations to direct a sequel to the 2019 film. Beyond that, Chris Galletta (The Kings of Summer) is set to pen the script. There are currently no details on the plot, or whether even Ryan Reynold’s character (who served as the impetus for the entire first film) will return.

So yeah, things are still in early days, but as the studios close in on a director, it sounds like things are finally falling into place for Detective Pikachu 2 to happen. I loved the first film and it is way better than it has any right to be. Hopefully a sequel can continue that magic while driving things forward for the franchise.

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