Margot Robbie Heading to the Caribbean in Another Pirates Film

Margot Robbie and the Birds of Prey screenwriter, Christina Hodson, are setting sail for another female-driven Pirates of the Caribbean film!

Looks like Disney has finally decided to make use out of the Pirates franchise (after a couple previous attempts to revitalize it) with not one, but TWO new women-focused films. We already knew about the Karen Gillian “reboot” but The Hollywood Reporter brings word of another.

According to their report, Margot Robbie is in talks to star in the upcoming film, which will be written by Christina Hodson (who wrote the screenplay for Robbie’s Birds of Prey film). There are no story details at the moment, but Jerry Bruckheimer is on board to produce the two Pirates films, as he has for the whole franchise.

Personally, I’m pretty excited. As I wrote about not too long ago, I’ve long felt the films needed a big change to feel relevant again, and this sounds like a great way to do it. Hopefully we’ll learn more about both of these before too long! What do you hope to see out of this Pirates spin-off?