Marvel’s Armor Wars Turns Into a Movie

Don Cheadle’s War Machine is heading back to the big screen, as the hero’s planned TV series, Armor Wars, has shifted into a theatrical release.

Well this is interesting. Last night, word came in (originally from The Hollywood Reporter and later confirmed by Marvel themselves) that the upcoming Armor Wars show being developed for Disney+ is getting morphed into a movie.

According to the report, the studios decided the story would be better told as a movie rather than a show, and I’m digging the self-awareness on their part in doing that. Being able to sort which stories work better in each medium can be a tricky thing, but I’m glad they’re at least willing to watch out for such things. It’s also neat that this essentially mean War Machine is finally getting his own movie.

Pretty much everyone involved is still on board after the shift. Yassir Lester who was tapped for the show’s writer will remain as the screenwriter for the film and Don Cheadle will be returning as Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes. The biggest shift here is going to be the production schedule.

It was set to begin filming early next year, but now it seems like things are starting from scratch. Of course, if the bones of the story are still intact (the events of Secret Invasion are supposed to tie into it) and it’s mostly tweaking, there’s still a good chance it could film in 2023. No idea where a new movie is going to fit in Marvel’s packed schedule, but I’m excited nonetheless.

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