Mattel is Bringing the Most Perfect Jurassic Park Toy to SDCC 2022

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Mattel is bringing quite a few toys to San Diego Comic-Con, but their Jurassic Park exclusive, re-creating the iconic T. Rex and Toilet moment, is perfect.

We’ve seen Hasbro’s Star Wars offerings for SDCC, and what NECA has in store, and Mattel has been counting down the days to the event with new toy reveals all week. There are offerings for He-Man collectors and even a new Star Wars Hot Wheels…but this Jurassic Park set is all I can think about.

Called the “Outhouse Chaos Pack,” which is part of their highly detailed/articulated Hammond Collection line, this set recreates the toilet kill moment in the original film. I mean, it doesn’t get more awesome than that. It ever comes with a toilet and broken outhouse!!

This Outhouse Chaos pack reflects the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s vicious verdict for attorney Donald Gennaro in the original Jurassic Park film, starring premium detailed figures from the Hammond Collection at 3.75 inch scale. It’s an intense cinematic scene as the T. rex rampages, the hapless Gennaro can’t quite escape in time and the dinosaur splinters the shack to enjoy a little dessert “a la commode.”


The deluxe T. rex figure features a special rain-splattered decoration, not previously seen, to keep it true to the movie look, as well as an enhanced articulation, glass eyes, stretchable jaw tendons and posable tongue. The human figure of Gennaro is in his park-ready safari jacket, shorts and tie, which also has authentic details and enhanced posability. The toilet base and premium cardboard outhouse set the stage for this artistic re-creation. A deluxe package sleeve slowly reveals the scene, while lightning flashes and roars ring out to complete the memorable moment. Colors and decorations may vary.

The Outhouse Chaos set will be available at SDCC (Booth #3029 and #2945) and also online through Mattel.

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