TMP Cinema Death Match: Freddy Krueger vs. Candyman

‘Tis the season for things that go bump in the night.  Therefore, without further ado, straight from your nightmares..TheMoviePool Presents..

Freddy Krueger vs Candyman

This match was tough to call.  After all, both of these legendary masters of mayhem have so much in common!

* Both were killed by an angry mob.
* Each character is badly disfigured in some fashion.
* Both are manipulators of time and space.
* An infamous lethal weapon is attached to the hand of each madman. Claws vs the hook, baby!

It was a hard fought battle between the two and many factors have to be considered before reaching a final victor.  After all, if pulled into the realm of dreams and nightmare, Krueger is king and can shape that reality into whatever strikes his imagination.  Although in our realm things would be much more evenly matched due to Candyman being the stronger of the two, Freddy is much more keen in the art of adaptability.  He is sneaky, and can work his way around any situation.

Furthermore, Krueger can get to you when you are sleeping and sometimes when you are awake when you have not slept in days.  Candyman has to be called five times before he appears in all his wicked splendor.  That’s only scary if you are in the third grade!  Just don’t say his name.  It’s a no-brainer.  He cannot hurt you if you do not utter the words.

Should both men be pulled into our reality, Candyman would have a better chance.  However, all this is based on original Freddy Krueger stats and if we were to replace the Robert Englund version with that of Jackie Earle Haley then Candyman could mop the floor with Freddy even on his own turf.  Let’s face it..  The new version is weak sauce.

The winner of TheMoviePool’s first Death Match round is.. Freddy Krueger!

Now it’s your time to chime in with your two cents.  Think I’m wrong?  Tell me why!  Think I’m right?  Explain.  Perhaps you thought of something else to add to either case.


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