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Ranked: The Alien and Predator Films

Alien: Covenant is the latest addition to the Alien franchise, but how does it stand up against the previous films? To find out, we rank em’ all (including the Predator films).

Taking Fandom Personal – The Need For Thick Skins

A troubling, and growing, trend continues to present itself within the fan community, and I'm struggling to grasp the reason why.  For a culture just a decade or so ago who had to endure constant ridicule from others, nerds these days seem to have ridiculously thin skin for their beloved properties.  Let's talk about it. 

The 50 Most Annoying movie cliches: Part One

Movie cliches...Where would the film industry be without them? We don't know but we'd like to find out. Everyone recognizes them when they see them. We roll our eyes and write annoyed posts on the internet about the lazy scriptwriting. Cinelinx has collected the 50 worst movie cliches. Come in to see part one of our list.

5 Tips to Help Make Your Film Reel the Best Possible

A film reel is a great way to get yourself noticed in the film industry.  In essence it’s a sort of visual resume that can show off to potential employers or clients what all you’re capable of when it comes to filmmaking.  To that end, we here at Cinelinx have some handy dandy tips to help you when you’re creating your own film reel.

Did You Find All the Monsters University Easter Eggs? Here’s...

Since they've been around, Pixar has always enjoyed putting fun little Easter Eggs in their films.  Some of them are quite obvious, while others remain a little more hidden.  Regardless, fans typically scour each film to try and find them.  While there's several in Monsters University, Disney/Pixar have revealed three of them that you may have missed. 

Ranked: The Ten Best Musicals Throughout the Decades

Earlier last week, Warner Bros released a massive 20 movie boxset as part of their 90th anniversary collection, which combined musicals from just about every decade.  WB was kind enough to send us the boxset for review and watching so many musicals in a row got us to thinking about our top ten musicals of all time. 

The Biz: Bankruptcy Proceedings For Blockbuster UK

The UK arm of video and game rental chain Blockbuster has filed for administration putting 4,190 jobs at risk.

Christmas Wish List: What Movie Buffs Want

It's Christmas time, and chances are, one of the people in your life you happen to be shopping for this year is a movie buff. Well you're in luck then as our own staff of movie buff writers here have sat down to create our own list of what we'd love to see sitting under our tree this year. Check out our holiday wish list and it may just help you out with your own!

Humorous ‘Potential’ Star Wars Episode VII Titles

Understandably, the recent announcement about Disney taking over Lucasfilm and bringing a new Star Wars trilogy to the big screen has been just about all anyone's talked about in the last couple of weeks.  Ineveitably the topic of discussion veers into what a possible title for Episode VII could be, and fanboys have answered that question in hilarious ways.  So I thought it'd be kind of fun to share some with you.

5 Reasons I’m Excited About Disney Buying Lucasfilm

Last week came the bombshell announcement about Disney buying Lucasfilm and that more Star Wars movies were on the way. The internet promptly exploded with the news, and that's pretty much all anyone's talked about this week. As a diehard fan of Star Wars, it'd be easy for me to jump on the bandwagon, say I'm incredibly excited and leave it at that. However, I feel it's necessary for me to explain exactly why I'm excited about Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and the future of Star Wars.

Everything Is Canon: Disney Doubleheader

In this episode of Everything is Canon, it's a Disney Doubleheader as Steve celebrates the release of two books, the latest in the Disney...