TMP Cinema Death Match: Dumbledore vs. Gandalf

For example let’s take a quick peek at the similar traits shared by the men.  The most obvious is the fact that they are both masters of the magical arts.  They both deceptively give off the impression of being feeble, quick witted old men dressed in robes when the reality of the situation is a different story.  Would you want to go toe-to-toe with either one of these characters when they are armed with their magical weapon of choice?  Let’s not and say we did.  After all,  in the off chance these opponents were defeated it would not be for long as both are known for coming back from the dead in some form or fashion.  On a side note, has anyone else ever noticed how much these men bear a striking resemblance to Moses?




It is common knowledge that the two wizards in question have some strong mojo backing them up.  However, if you really pay attention to the Lord of the Rings universe you might notice Gandalf did not use magic nearly as often as his death match opponent.  The bulk of his fighting was done with a sword.  Furthermore, Dumbledore has in his possession the Wand of Elders, making him virtually unstoppable when within reach of this powerful piece.  In fact the only reason Snape was able to get the best of him in The Half Blood Prince was because Dumbledore allowed it in order to protect one of his students from losing his very soul.  Everything he did was thought out down to the last detail, and even in his passing he left his students the means to continue the fight.


When I began to brainstorm this grudge match Gandalf was pegged for the win simply for coming back from the dead after wiping the floor with the Balrog.  However, he did not come back to life because he is immortal and just keeps going like a cat with nine lives.  He returned from that because he had unfinished business with the mission.  The only way he could win a death match against Dumbledore is if it was a sword fight, but that would not be a very wizardly duel would it?  Dumbledore just seems to have more magic at his disposal.




Feel free to state your case, but this is how I see things playing out in my mind’s eye:


The signal is given and the match begins.  Both men raise their weapons..  Dumbledore lifts his wand, and Gandalf his stave.  Expelliarmus!  Gandalf’s weapon goes flying out of his hands, and before he gets a chance to retrieve it.. Avada Kedavra..Gandalf falls to the ground a newly-made corpse.  He could always use the Cruciatus Curse to torture him, but that would waste time he could be spending with his pupils and it is a fight to the death rather than first blood.


Now it is your turn to agree or disagree.  Tell us who you think would win, and back it up.  Who knows?  Maybe you thought of something that slipped our mind.

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