The 50 Most Annoying movie cliches: Part One

50) The Extra-large Air Vent: 

If the hero is locked in a room by the bad guys, there is a usually a huge air vent in the wall, big enough to crawl through. And better still, the front grill is not screwed into the wall. It can easily be removed with no tools.

49) Binoculars Views:

When we see point-of-view shot through binoculars in films, we will invariably see that double-O shape, although if you’ve ever looked through real binoculars, you won’t see that.

48) The Lethal Cough:

Coughing in a film indicates a terminal disease. (Unless the character has just come out of a burning building.) No one coughs in a film because they have a cold. (Sneezing means “I have a cold” in film. Coughing is more ominous.)

47) No Smoke Where There’s Fire:

The inside of a burning building will always have lots of flames but no black smoke. There might be a little white smoke, but not enough to obstruct anyone’s vision, so the hero can easily see who he needs to rescue. There’s also no need for those breathing apparatus that real fireman carry.

46) Look at the cool Bomb Timer:

Hidden bombs set to explode will always have a visual display, counting down the seconds until detonation. I guess it’s for the convenience of any curious passer-by who might stumble upon it accidentally. Also, bombs are apparently built with multi-colored wires, so the hero can be told to “Cut the red wire, not the green wire” when he is defusing the explosive.

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