The 50 Most Annoying movie cliches: Part One

45) Cabs and Trains-No Waiting:

The hero will never have any trouble catching a cab when he needs it. He steps out of the building and a cab is passing, just waiting for his hail. Similarly, if a good guy is chased onto a train station by killers, he/she will just barely make it onto a departing train, and the bad guy will arrive moments too late, glaring furiously as the train departs with his intended victim aboard.

44) Pedestrian Safety First in Car Chases:

No innocent pedestrian is ever run over during a wild movie car chase. Shopping carts are sure to be mowed down, as are fruit stands, but no people ever get hit. Even other drivers who are caught up in the action are able to skillfully spin into an emergency stop without hitting anything.

43)Don’t forget the French Bread:

Whenever we see a character coming back from the supermarket with a bag of groceries, there is invariably a loaf of French bread sticking out of the top of the bag.

42) The Straight-Ahead Escape Method:

People being chased by a car which is intent on running them down will always run straight down the middle of the street. No ducking in doorways or hiding behind telephone poles. Just sprint down the center of the road. And don’t worry—the car won’t catch up with you.

41) Car Boom:

Cars will always explode after falling off a cliff. Sometimes even before they hit the ground.

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