The 50 Most Annoying movie cliches: Part One

35) Wait Your Turn to Kill Me:

In Martial arts fights where the hero is vastly outnumbered, the bad guys will obligingly only attack one-at-a-time, giving the hero the chance to beat them all in turn. Who says there’s no honor among thieves?

34) Money is no Object:

The main characters in films (unless it’s a sad tragedy like about poor people, like Precious) always live in opulent surroundings, no matter what their job. The guy who works in a shoe store will have an apartment or house far beyond his means.

33) Fooled Ya:

Horror films are full of fake scares. For instance, the heroine, alone in the house, will investigate a creepy noise. After a long, suspenseful build-up, we’ll learn it was just the cat. Another example: If the camera is closing in menacing behind the heroine, while spooky music plays, and we see a hand reach out toward her—don’t worry; it’s just the best friend or the boyfriend.

32) Look, there’s the Eiffel Tower Again:

If a movie takes place in Paris, practically every window will have a view of the Eiffel Tower. Even windows on opposite sides of the room.

31) Written in Neon:

If a hero is meant to be living in a cheap, seedy hotel, you can be sure there will be a large, flashing neon sign outside the window, flashing the name of the place.

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