The 50 Most Annoying movie cliches: Part One

30) No Concussions Allowed:

Characters in movies are constantly being knocked unconscious by someone coming up behind them and giving them a good ‘Konk’ on the head. Yet there is never any lasting damage. You’d think a blow powerful enough to knock someone out would lead to a concussion or a cracked skull, but it never does. Talk about thick skulls!

29) Wounds? Ha!

Bullets wounds won’t hurt the hero much. A hero will frequently take a bullet (Always in the arm or shoulder) but continue his heroic ways for the rest of the movie, unencumbered by trivial details like gunshot wounds. In Eraser, our hero gets a spike through his hand early on, but it doesn’t inconvenience him at all. He never mentions it again. In fact, when we see his hand later in the film, there isn’t even a mark on it.

28) No One’s As Smart as a Fifth Grader:

Super-smart kids are everywhere in films. Kids are always much smarter than the adults. They can hack into computer networks, build rockets and know all the rules for killing monsters. Kids are always the first ones to realize there is a monster or alien around. Young children can drive cars without even taking a lesson. There’s nothing a film kid can’t do, except deal with the school bully.

27) Wake up the Dead:

If a character dies in a film, and conventional methods to resussetate her/him don’t work, you can always revive your dead friend by yelling at them. Say something like, “Live, damn it, live! You’ve never given up on anything before! Breath, damn it!” It always seems to work. For couples, declarations of love can be substituted for the above passage.

26) They All do It:

If you see an Asian character in a film, you can be sure the he or she is a Martial arts expert. It doesn’t matter if they’re a book keeper or a shop keeper. If someone messes with them, the feet will be flying. Even the kids (Think Short Round in The Temple of Doom) will start kicking butt if the need arises. Do they teach it in kindergarten over there?

25) Sit ups:

If a character is awaking from a nightmare, he/she will suddenly pop up and sit upright on the bed, sweating and breathing heavily.

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