The Casual Cinecast reviews Roma

This week, since Justin is out of town in New York, Mike and Chris welome the show’s first-ever guest-host, JD Duran, from the InSession Film Podcast! Together they review Netflix’s new Alfonso Cauron film, Roma, as well as everything else they’ve been watching this week!

Not sure if you’ve heard but, this week is a big deal amoug cinephiles. If you’re a big movie geek like us, then you’ve likely heard that Alfonso Cauron (director of Gravity and Children of Men) has just released his newest film on Netfllix. Luckily, Mike and Chris were some of the lucky few who got to catch this film in theaters before it releases on Netflix today, December 14th. 

This week’s episode starts off with the usual “What’s On Our Mnd” segement, which is the segement where the hosts recap everything they’ve been watching/reading over the past week. Our guest host JD makes Mike and Chris jealous with a spoiler free review of the new foreign arthouse film Cold War. Meanthile Mike checks out the new comedy/drama Thunder Road that recently came out on VOD everywhere. Also, since reviweing movies for a podcast can sometimes get pretty emotionally draining, Chris checks out some much needed lighthearted entertainment in a re-watch of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


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