The Casual Cinecast talks Glass, and Oscar Nominations 2019!

After a couple weeks of taking a break from full movie reviews, the Casual Cinecast is back and ready to break stuff down! This week Mike, Chris and Justin are discussing the controversial final installment of M Night Shyamalan’s grounded superhero trilogy, Glass. Is this film a worthy succuessor to Unbreakable and Split?

This week’s epiosde starts off what an extra long “What’s on Our Mind” segement, where Justin offers his thoughts on The House that Jack BuiltIs this another throught-provoking gem from writer/director Lars Von Trier, or does it fall short of some of his best work? Then the guys break down the Academy Awards nomnations for 2019! Each host also picks some of their favorite films  of the year, that they feel were snubbed from awards attention. We also discuss some listener questions, and polls!

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