Kid Focused High Republic Live-Action Series is in the Works | Exclusive

The High Republic era is continuing to expand as we’ve heard a new live-action series is in the works with the focus being on a younger generation of heroes.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hearing a number of things from multiple sources. Some of these things I had heard last year, but with no context to go on I just pushed them to the side. Funny enough, as I was poking around trying to find information on something else entirely, a familiar phrase from a source sparked me to revisit something.

“Stranger Things in space.”

It’s a description I heard, almost verbatim, from two different sources months apart from each other. The context behind it is Lucasfilm is apparently working on a new (as yet unannounced) live-action Star Wars series for Disney Plus. Unlike their current/upcoming shows, however, the primary cast, and focus of the story, would be kids in the pre-teen to teenage range.

Hence the Stranger Things comparison. Beyond that, independent sources also said the series was going to be set during The High Republic era with a member of the “Luminous Team” of authors on board to help with the story.

While it started off as only a “publishing” initiative, it’s been clear this era is ripe for storytelling potential. It’s already appeared in gaming thanks to the VR title, Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge, and Leslye Headland’s upcoming Acolyte series is set at the tail end of that time period. Hell, I’m still hearing an animated project is happening.

During the recent High Republic anniversary show, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy appeared and discussed the success of the books/comics, while saying fans have more stories to look forward to. I mean, that doesn’t typically happen for something that’s going to stay just within the publishing realm.

I’m still trying to gather more information on the show itself, which might feature some characters from the books. From what I can tell, however, things seem to be moving along pretty well as I’ve seen some stuff that leads me to believe casting is likely already underway or starting shortly. Hopefully this means we’ll get some sort of announcement sooner rather than later.

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