Disney Plus Leaks the Release Date for The Bad Batch Season 2

While we got our first trailer for The Bad Batch season two just a few days ago, it only came with a vague release window. Now, Disney+ itself may have leaked it.

In some ways this is pretty much the most Lucasfilm thing ever, especially these days, and it’s hard not to laugh about it. After only giving a vague “Fall 2022” release window for the next season of The Bad Batch attached to the impressive trailer, it looks like we now know when we’ll be able to watch it: September 28th.

The date comes from Disney+ itself via a banner on the streaming service. It was initially spotted by OneTakeNews, but I checked for myself and sure enough, here it is:

This means nerds have a LOT to look forward to in September, and for the first time we’ll have TWO new Star Wars series to watch at the same time. Andor will still be running, and Marvel’s She-Hulk will be going as well. So…better set some time aside on Wednesdays for geek TV.

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