New Star Wars Animated Series to Focus on Darth Maul’s Shenanigans | Exclusive

According to multiple sources it looks like a new Star Wars animated series is already in the works that could fill in some Crimson Dawn/Darth Maul gaps…

I know we’re all still recovering from The Book of Boba Fett trailer, but had some information come in I thought would be worth discussing. About a month ago, I heard from a source that voice recording was underway for a new—as yet unannounced—Star Wars animated series was going down.

This, along a second source, informed me familiar Star Wars voice actors Dee Bradley Baker, Matt Lanter, and Sam Witwer were recording….something.

I couldn’t pin down WHAT they were recording for (whether for another Bad Batch season or something else), so I just kind of let it sit and was hoping to get more information later. Thankfully, that’s come in from a pair of independent sources who tell me that DARTH MAUL will be the focus of a new animated series.

While they both mentioned Maul, one source specifically mentioned it was a show about his time running Crimson Dawn BEFORE Solo: A Star Wars Story. I have even heard Paul Bettany is expected to come back to voice Dryden Vos (a character he’s already mentioned wanting to return to).

Off and on for years now, I’ve heard Lucasfilm has been keen to get some sort of Darth Maul series up and running in live-action. For various reasons (*cough* Ray Park *cough*), however, they haven’t been able to get it going. As such, this new animated series seems to be what they’ve decided to go with instead. It also lines up with having heard about Crimson Dawn related plans for a while now; an organization I’m sure will continue to pop up in various projects.

Considering Maul is a major focus of my personal collection, I’m all about this news and have been hoping something like this would happen. Sadly, I don’t have any story details or more specific timeline. It could potentially go beyond Solo and showcase how Maul lost power and wound up alone and where we found him in Star Wars Rebels. Either way, I’m all aboard for more Maul adventures!

Lucasfilm Animation works pretty far in advance, but with voice recording already underway, I’m hoping we’ll get some official announcement sooner rather than later.

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