5 Horror Games That Need A Reboot

As more horror games are getting a reboot/remake, and Halloween is around the corner, we’re taking a look at some other horror games that deserve another chance.

Older horror games are having a moment. Alan Wake is making a comeback thanks to a connected universe with Control. Parasite Eve appears to be getting a spiritual rebirth in Project Eve, and even Dead Space is making a thrilling come back. With all these revivals, and the spooky season upon us, I got to thinking…what other horror games should see a reboot of some form? 

Silent Hill 2 (Or Siren?) 

This game has been rumbling around social media and the video game world for as long as one can remember. It was the peak of our childhood horror memories, and moments of the game live on in all of our heads. 

There’s little wonder why fans speculate that every unknown horror game may be “the one,” the holy grail: Silent Hill. Kojima almost got us there with the greatest demo of all time, PT, but then Konami crashed in and destroyed the entire party….. We then got hope again that Abandoned, a random indie game under Sony, might be a stealth Silent Hill reboot. Alas those rumors are dying out and seemed to be little more than a misguided publicity stunt. 

At this point Silent Hill is nothing but a cash grab for casinos and merchandise and it sucks. Maybe we can get Silent Hill soon, or maybe Sony could potentially take the ideas of Silent Hill and blend them with Kojima (and possibly Junji Ito) and make a new Siren in that regard? Who knows. 

Clock Tower 

Imagine Resident Evil running on an SNES. In that framing, it’s probably not something you would get too excited to play these days, but that’s exactly why Clock Tower needs a reboot. The game was one of the earliest horror titles to release and had a slight remaster on PS1, with a few follow up titles leading through 2002 with the release of Clock Tower 3, which also didn’t date too well. Capcom had a follow up game titled Haunting Ground that released in 2005 that some people saw as a spiritual successor to Clock Tower, but while it had similarities it wasn’t a true sequel. If this game was put together with the technology behind the Resident Evil remasters then we could see some lively competition in the horror field.  

Dino Crisis 

How could we make a top five horror remake list and not include one of the most requested games in the world (probably)? It’s a game that combines dinosaurs and scary moments with those dinosaurs. This never gets old and I don’t know why Capcom has not looked to revive a simply easy hit. 

Capcom has been hard at work redoing the Resident Evil series with their stunning graphics and great gameplay, eventually they will run out of Resident Evil titles to remaster so it’s only a matter of time! Capcom may even be doing what they did with Clock Tower by giving Dino Crisis a spiritual successor with a game titled Instinction which we found to be extremely similar to their Dino Crisis games


My personal favorite horror franchise has been F.E.A.R for some time now. Alma is just a fun spiritual enemy for me, and the twists and turns in the story were really great being in the FPS genre. 

By F.E.A.R 3 we had some phenomenal environments filled with spooky instances and visuals, but it also came with an online multiplayer experience that kind of hindered its success. I can honestly say F.E.A.R 3 had some gameplay mechanics and features that were well beyond its time.  F.E.A.R 3 came out when every FPS needed to be like Call of Duty or vanished…and sadly, it just couldn’t hold up. Let’s hope WB Studios has the time to at least look in this franchise’s direction sometime soon. F.E.A.R on new consoles with some updated visuals and new gameplay mechanics would be absolutely thrilling. 

Fatal Frame 

There is something more inherently terrifying about having to walk around haunted locales with a camera instead of a gun; and Fatal Frame does just that. While the series has seen random releases lately, the rights to the franchise are a subject of a small studio lingering around. What we need is Fatal Frame to get in the hands of a big budget developer to really make the horror hit home. 

Being a horror game fan myself it was hard boiling the list down to just five, but I believe all five are solid picks for a new generation of gaming. There are plenty of horror games, including many new franchises, that are still going today that we love and we just want to see some of these old classics get a chance too. 

Before you jump into the horrors of the video game world, we want to know what game you want to see remastered? 

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