5 PSVR Games That Should Port To PSVR2

PS VR2 is off and running, and the majority consensus is everyone seems to love it….And for good reason. There’s new tech that includes a single cord to the PS5, haptic feedback, and so much more (read our full review)! About the only downside is a lack of backwards compatibility. We’ve already seen some previous PSVR titles ported to the cool new headset, with improved success, but here are a few others we hope to see make the jump to PS VR2 soon.

The Inpatient

One thing I wanted to highlight on this list were good games that would simply be lost if PSVR ports didn’t exist. This is the perfect example. The Inpatient was created by Supermassive Games, developers of Until Dawn, and follows in their horror aesthetic roots. Unlike their VR rollercoaster games, this was a full fledged horror title that was done extremely well.

The interesting thing about The Inpatient is that it’s a shining example of what exclusive games do for PSVR. It had full body models, a full narrative experience with multiple endings, and some of the best looking visuals on the original PSVR. The quality is all there, but the hassle of utilizing PS4 controls and resyncing the original PSVR non-stop holds it back. The game is a PSVR exclusive, so without a port it could very well vanish.


Honestly this is easily one of the most underrated titles on PlayStation in general. The game was created by From Software, same devs as Elden Ring, and it really shows through with the story and puzzles in the game.

The game is also perfect for entry level VR users because it utilizes a point and go movement system, instead of smooth motion or snapping which creates motion sickness in new users. The basic gameplay is pushed to the limits which is surrounded by an astonishing environment and smooth story. It’s not a high tech game, or pushing any VR boundaries, but what it does, it does well, and it creates a memorable experience for VR.

Home Sweet Home (With Expansion)

If you can’t tell by now, I’m in love with horror games on VR. Home Sweet Home is a super short game, but it does horror damn near perfect. Between the jumpscares, the scenery, the sound effects, this game embodies everything horror VR is about.

At the end of the game we learn about a follow up episode which is supposed to extend the cut short story, but PlayStation never got it. I think it’s time for the developer to bring the experience to PSVR2, but bundle it with episode two so we can finally continue the journey on PlayStation.


While not specifically a game, it’s quite surprising nothing of this nature was pushed to PSVR2. Astrobot has been used to basically show off new PlayStation gadgets. For PS5 we had Astro’s Playroom which basically demonstrated all the cool new features of the Dualsense controller. For PSVR we had Rescue Mission, which showed off how cool VR was.

It became a cult classic and fans have been asking for a follow up ever since. It seems logical to me to have some type of game like this to showcase the PSVR2 considering it has multiple new features, and instead you’re basically just thrown in with no direction.


Skyrim has been ported to literally everything, so why not PSVR2? The game on PSVR was a clunky mess, similar situation with Doom VFR, but all that can be improved with the new controls of PSVR2. If they put any heart into it that is. A simple port over to make it work on PSVR2? No thanks. Taking the classic game and giving it the raw power of PSVR2? Yes Please. And I’ll use this as an example of all games to simply be ported over with better controls. Simply having the new Sense controllers would vastly improve 90 percent of the original PSVR library.

Overall we called PSVR2 a generational leap forward, and with new tech it makes sense why it simply wasn’t backwards compatible. After all, the original PSVR had a clunky setup involving tracking giant glowing balls with uncomfortable wands as controllers, so some of these games may require a little fine tuning to port over. Let us know, what are some PSVR games you hope get the PSVR2 treatment.

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