Could Insomniacs Wolverine Be Facing Off With Hulk?

During Sony’s mini game conference yesterday I got really excited to see Marvel pop up with Insomniac Games again thinking it was Spider-Man, but jumped for joy when we got Wolverine too. (Luckily for us we got both!)

I’ve been watching the trailer non-stop and decided to start pausing the scene and see if I could find any hidden details, which apparently I did!

For starters the Bar that Wolverine is in is called “The Princess” which for fans of X-Men you should know this bar is located in a city called Madripoor, and is owned by an alias of Wolverine “Patch.” Among many things, Madripoor is utilized by Magneto as an HQ city in several spin off stories, and Wolverine also has a story where he discovers an underground criminal group named Hellfire Club had taken over the criminal world. This is a rather large city in the X-Men series, which would be really neat to see recreated for open world gameplay like Spider-Man. But that’s not all!

You will also notice an eye patch laying in front of him as the supposed bad guy creeps up. Wolverine wore an eye patch in Madripoor to disguise himself as “Patch,” as we mentioned, to keep the assumption that the X-Men were dead.

If you pause the trailer at the scene where you see Wolverines back you will notice all kinds of little hints in the background. The biggest hints I found is a license plate along the right that reads “HLK 181” and is from the city of Quebec. This is huge because in the comics Hulk 181 is titled “Incredible Hulk vs Wolverine.” This story takes place in Quebec, which may or may not be an additional clue because Wolverine himself is from Canada.

Another hint is along the left side, you can see a price for something that I can’t make out, but I’m thinking it says “Register” and the price is 19.74, all lit up in green. Again this leads us to the Wolverine vs Hulk comics because that is the same year they first released, and the green tint to everything really starts to become a big coincidence.

A different hint is the tattoo on the arm of the supposed bad guy. As he draws his knife out you can see a tattoo of a tiger, this could be hinting at Smiling Tiger (Conrad Mack). He is a common bad guy for The New Warriors, which frequented Low Town.

Another cool clue is something that I noticed right away. Along the left side you can see a slip which shows a radio station of “1048” rather clearly. Marvel fans know that multiple stories and universes exist because of “different Earths” that allow multiple storylines to exist. Well Earth-1048 is the “Earth” for PlayStation Spider-Man titles, which means this Wolverine title is going to share the same universe as Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Maybe someone can help decipher some rather odd language too. Along the menu at the top, just below “The princess” is something written in a different language which if I translate to Tamil reads “Cocktail.” This makes sense as the sentence will read “The Princess Cocktail Bar.” This same language appears just to the left on a sign next to the HLK license plate, but all I can make out is “None.”

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