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Insomniac Releases Statement on Recent Hack

The developers at Insomniac have formally addressed the hack on their studio, while confirming work on Marvel's Wolverine is going forward as planned. If...

Insomniac Releases New Spider-Man 2 Story Trailer

During the first day at SDCC23 (San Diego Comic Con) Insomniac was on hand to release some new details about the upcoming sequel. A PS5...

Could Insomniacs Wolverine Be Facing Off With Hulk?

During Sony's mini game conference yesterday I got really excited to see Marvel pop up with Insomniac Games again thinking it was Spider-Man, but...

The Casual Cinecast Gathers ‘The Boys’ to Check Out ‘Thief’

Justin and Mike's latest Casually Criterion discussion on the Cinecast puts the focus on Michael Mann's Thief, plus some Hit Man and The Boys...