Ghostwire: Tokyo is a Gorgeous Paranormal Shooter Experience | Hands-On Preview

We had the chance to get some hands-on time with the first couple chapters Ghostwire: Tokyo and it’s even better than we’d hoped. Let’s talk about it!

For many years Shinji Mikami has given gamers some of the most horrifying moments in gaming history. After the creation of his studio Tango Gameworks, their newly created series The Evil Within showed us Mr. Mikami and his team planned on keeping us on the edge of our seats for many years to come.

Since it was first announced, Ghostwire: Tokyo has looked to be a very intriguing and different take on the first person genre. A mix of action, magic, and anime themes have made this one of Bethesda and Tango’s most anticipated games since The Evil Within.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, players take on the first-person perspective of protagonist Akita. Akita must save the soul of Tokyo after being partially possessed by a former evil spirit fighter and paranormal investigator, KK. Although KK and Akita have different end goals, they must work together to end the nightmare that plagues the streets of this beautiful and vibrant city.

A soul stealing fog has engulfed the streets of Tokyo, making the once thriving city empty. After talking with KK, Akita is introduced to an evil man by the name of Hannya, who’s led an army of evil spirits into the city to steal their souls for reasons unknown. As you begin to explore the city you are thrown directly into the action as KK teaches you how to use his power called “Ethereal Weaving”. You are attacked by Slenderman-like spirits called “Visitors” and yes, they are as creepy as they seem.

As you defeat these enemies their “CORE” is slowly exposed and you can eventually rip it from their bodies. As you defeat these spirits, you gain certain energy that will recharge your powers depending on the color of said energy (e.g. green energy recharges your main Weaving power, blue recharges water, and red of course recharges your fire Weaving). The powers you use throughout the game feel ripped right out of some badass anime. These powers include ranged energy shots, water based attacks, and even fire energy that destroys anything in your path.

Everything in this game from the powers you can use, to the environments, to even the spirits you interact with makes this experience feel more like an action adventure title than a run of the mill first-person experience. As I explored this empty city I realized that Tango Game Works put way more than just time into the visual perspective of this game. They put history, love, and a passion for the city they love as well.

Around every corner you can see the beauty and horrifying scenery that has been injected into this massive map. My God, it is spectacular. Not only is this a graphically beautiful game, but the wonder and history of Tokyo makes exploring the city even more exciting. As you explore, you will be met with a ton of sidequests from spiritual initiates. These range from simple things like finding a spirit’s dog, or larger ones that are tied directly to historic events in Tokyo.

Doing these quests will gain you XP to level up your abilities as well as currency that will help you purchase food, ammo for weapons, Katashiro to collect spirits, and more. Of course you have to purchase these at shops all around the map that are run by two tailed cat spirits.

Ghostwire Tokyo has a lot to offer many fans, a stunning world that merges the FPS genre with the wild and wacky world of anime. I have a lot more to say about this game, but I’ll have to leave it their until my full review is posted. Suffice it to say, Ghostwire: Tokyo is bringing all the excitement gamers were hoping for with some unique twists that will leave everyone wanting more.

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