Five Characters We Hope to See Added to the Mortal Kombat 1 Roster

As Mortal Kombat 1 prepares to hit early access for certain gamers, we’re taking a look at some other fighters who should eventually join the fight.

Though we are still waiting for Mortal Kombat 1 to release, the hype train is moving fast now. With the game releasing tomorrow for Early Access Premium Edition buyers, we thought it would be fun to share some of our top picks for characters that would be a great fit for the Mortal Kombat 1 Roster.


If you don’t know who the Doom Slayer is, the Slayer is a human bestowed the strength of the gods to RIP and TEAR his way through the forces of Hell.

As gory and metal as this character is, there is no reason the Slayer shouldn’t be in Mortal Kombat. After fighting the Army of Hell, and The Dark Lord(Evil Creator of All Life) the Slayer needs a new challenge and I think Mortal kombat would be perfect for him!

Recently, some supposed leaks of Kombat Pack 2 for the game suggested that the Slayer will come to the areas after all! I asked the amazing Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton what they thought about adding the Doom Slayer in Mortal Kombat back in 2019 and this is what they had to say!


I think it’s about we get GROOVY BABY! Now I know that the man himself Bruce Campbell(Actor/Co-Creator of Evil Dead)  said in an AV Club interview that he did not want to see ASH in any other games…but just hear me out. Ash’s main purpose is to take down deadites, keep Earth say, and try to “Say Every Tiny Syllable”.

Having a character like Ash in the Mortal Kombat series would add so much comedy, more gore, and some much-needed BOOM Stick action. Let’s also not forget, ASH was a guest character in FORTNITE recently so it can’t be weighed out. Just think about the banter ASH and Johnny Cage would have…


ASH: “Well, Hello Mister Fancy-Pants. I Got News For You, Pal, You Ain’t Leading But Two Things Right Now, Jack And Sh*t, And Jack Just Left Town.”

3. BJ Blazkowicz

Honestly, BJ is in the same situation that the Doom Slayer is in. Both of these characters are the fathers of the first-person gory shooting genre! Having a Nazi killing machine like BJ in Mortal Kombat would be one hell of a ride, especially when it comes to the Fatalities!


In the small town of Derry, Maine Glamor aka Pennywise is an interstellar shapeshifter that loves to feed on humans, especially the children of Derry. From what Pennywise has said in the past, its easier to scare and manipulate children and when frightened the flesh tastes better, almost like salting the meat.

I think a character like Pennywise could add to some great gory and crazy moments to game that is already filled to brim with blood and gore. Just think of the crazy Fatalities that Pennywise could do. Pulling someone into the swear, biting their arm off, or just making them FLOAT!

  1. The Comedian (Watchmen

The Watchmen was something truly special to me when I first learned of their existence. Watching the movie when it released 2009 blew my mind and made me pretty obsessed with these characters and the “alternative universe” style to other DC characters.

The Comedian is in a class of his own, when I say that I mean a low grade, POS, misogynistic, blood lust kinda class that the scum of the Earth thrive in. I feel his character, style, and violent tendencies would be the perfect for a guest role on the Mortal Kombat Roster. With that, who is a character you would like to see join the MK roster??

Let us know and check back here soon for our review of Mortal Kombat 1 when it releases world wide September 19th!

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