The Simpsons and Terminator 2 Cabinets Continue Arcade1Up’s Winning Streak | Review

We had the chance to check out a pair of Arcade1Up‘s newly released cabinets: the Terminator 2: Judgement Day light-gun arcade, and The Simpsons anniversary bundle.

Despite only being around for a few years, Arcade1Up has already firmly established themselves as a company the delivers both quality and the games fans want. Each year, they seem to come out with several new things that collectors/gamers have been wanting for a while, and I love being able to finally bring iconic classics into the house.

Two of their recent releases, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and a new The Simpsons bundle (slightly different than last year’s release), continue this trend of awesome releases. The company was kind enough send me these new releases to check them out and tell you all about them:

I am definitely digging these new arcade cabinets. The scale continues to feel like the perfect balance, and they manage to capture the feel of the gameplay perfectly. Throw in the addition of online multiplayer/leaderboard tracking, and these continue to make perfect additions to game rooms.

While I’m bummed to see the prices continue to go up, the quality can’t be denied. Not to mention they’re still significantly cheaper than trying to buy up the full arcade (by thousands of dollars).

Both The Terminator 2 and The Simpsons Bundle cabinets are available right now for $699.99 and can be purchased directly from Arcade1Up at those links.

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