Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Check out the latest gameplay featuring one of the biggest bosses in the game to date, coming from Summer Game Fest.

The gameplay reveal was during Summer Game Fest and it is a good 2 minutes of new gameplay featuring new character Ms. Chalice and one of the biggest boss battles in the game to date.

The new DLC features an entire new island that is discovered for the first time by the characters and will host a ton of new content. Developers behind the game state that with how much content has been added it could have been an entirely new game.

The DLC was announced in 2018 and was set to releast in 2019, but due to not wanting a crunch in the studio they delayed the content until June 30th. We are just a few weeks away to jump back into the stressful and yet fun Cuphead adventures.

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