Dying Light 2 Will Have Environmental Lighting and Ray Tracing Quality Mode

As we wait for our next look at Dying Light 2, we at least know that it’ll look very, very pretty when it hits in December.

We are slowly counting down the days till Dying Light 2’s release date of December 7th. With Gamescom right around the corner, it seems like we’re getting a bit of news about the game earlier than expected.

During a recent interview with MP1st, Lead Level Designer Piotr Pawlaczyk was asked if Dying Light 2 will offer “next-gen” options for fans of the series and he had this to say:

“We are developing several options for new generations. For players who prefer visual experiences, we have prepared the Quality mode which, thanks to the use of ray-tracing, has significantly improved the quality of the scene, with an emphasis on environment lighting. In quality mode, players will observe greater accuracy of e.g. volumetric effects and many other frame post-processing elements. The ray-tracing itself is then the basis for generating, for example, physically correct shadows.”

Pawalczyk also add this to his statement:

“We have also prepared the Performance mode, which focuses on a high frame-rate (60 frames-per-second + optionally with variable refresh rate), making the experience of fast gameplay elements such as a course or combat even more smooth”

This is some great confirmation for fans of the first game and shows Techland is hard at work making Dying Light 2 one of the most enjoyable and beautiful games of the year…But do frame rates really matter that much?

No, Dying Light 2 Is Not In Development Hell, Says Techland

Though I have recently started playing back through Dying Light (PS4) on PS5, these options are of course not available on Sony’s next-gen system at this time. So, even though I am playing the game at 30FPS, I am still enjoying my time with the game. When Dying Light 2 releases I can say frames per second are the least of my worries.

Now, I could easily buy it on DL1 on Xbox Series S and enjoy the game at a higher fps because of the system’s hardware, but sometimes good games are just good games. It doesn’t both me if it’s at 30FPS, 60FPS, or even 120FPS.

We have been waiting some time for Dying Light 2 and to be honest, the game could launch at 1080p visuals locked at 30fps and I would probably still enjoy the hell out of the game from what I have seen so far!

As we grow closer to the release, check back here for the latest updates on the game.

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