Learn How to Play Guitar with the Overhauled Rocksmith+

Ubisoft Forward brought news of what’s next for the Rocksmith franchise.

Rocksmith+ is a game that literally teaches you how to play the guitar with video lessons, personalized training, community help, technique-by-technique progress monitoring, and the ability to hook an actual guitar up to your console or PC.

It will now operate as a subscription service to learn guitar and bass that gives players access to the largest library of music available including tons of new genres, music chord charts, note-for-note authentic arrangments, and more. Each week developers will release new arrangements and Rocksmith+ will introduce the Workshop to allow users to add player-created arrangements.

Players will be able to use the Rocksmith+ mobile app as a microphone and will allow electric and acoustic using amps to utilize the game for the first time.

Rocksmith+ will release on PC and consoles.

Players can sign up for the closed PC beta for Rocksmith+ today. It will run July 12-22.

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