PlayStation Helped Striking Distance With The Callisto Protocol Development

We are only a few weeks from the release of Striking Distance new horror title, The Callisto Protocol. Releasing December 1st, this game is set to be one of the best horror titles to release in certain years. With that, it seems that PlayStation was just as hyped about the game as we are.

Former VASG (Sony Playstation Visual Arts Services Group) Studio Head Michael Mumbauer stated in a tweet today that not only did Sony let Striking Distance use their studio, but was much more involved in development.


Does this mean that we could see Sony/PlayStation with more involvement in this series or Studio in the next few years? I wouldn’t say that Glen Schofield would want his studio purchased by PlayStation, but as long as he has been in the industry, the studio head seemingly has a great relationship with PlayStation.

Could you see PlayStation purchasing this studio? Are you excited for The Callisto Protocol? Check back here for our thoughts on the game when it release December 1st.

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