Arcade1Up Brings Classic Pinball Feeling to Its Star Wars Pinball Table (Review)

For our latest gaming video, Jordan takes a look at Arcade1Up’s new foray into the world of Pinball tables with a review of their impressive Star Wars table!

Arcade1Up has been churning out the goods for the last few years, giving gamers the opportunity to bring the arcade experience into their homes. After an impressive launch (we reviewed the Rampage cabinet from their initial wave), they’ve continued to delight with ever more impressive cabinets and partnerships.

This Spring, they’re stepping into the world of Pinball with three new tables for gamers to choose from. They were kind enough to send the Star Wars table my way (they know me pretty well I’d say), and I was blown away by the experience. I love Zen Studios’ virtual pinball tables, and the selection given is great. What’s most impressive, however, is how much it really FEELS like you’re playing on a pinball table. You completely forget it’s all virtual.

It’s built incredibly well and looks great, bringing the quality players have come to expect from the—still young—company to this platform. If you’re looking to expand your game room, or just want something fun to play casually and enjoy with friends/family, there’s no reason to overlook Arcade1Up’s pinball tables.

Arcade1Up has three different Pinball tables currently available:

Marvel Pinball 

Attack From Mars

Star Wars Pinball

You can learn more about all of these tables via those links above as well as find places to pick up your own!

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