Rumor: Sony Adds Kojima Productions To PS Studios

With Sony being oddly quiet as of late, rumors for anything and everything have been floating around the internet. Adding fuel the fire though is a recent update to the PlayStation Studios banner.

According to users on ResetEra, several have noticed the PlayStation Studios banner has updated to include Death Stranding. Also updated with the banner was a new baseball player, updates to Horizon and GT7, and Demon Souls. So it is a legit update, but why is Death Stranding included?

Several people are assuming this is simply Sony including it due to the XDev branch, but it doesn’t seem Sony owns the full IP. When being ported to PC, Kojima utilized 505 Games, while other Sony exclusive titles were published on PC by Sony themselves. Perhaps part of the agreement when the game was made, who knows.

There are several rumors floating around Kojima Productions including a game that is being made for Xbox. According to recent rumors this game is still in the works, and comes as direct reaction of the Sony rumor. Though this could be a similar situation as Bethesda and Sony, where Kojima already had an agreement in place and Sony is simply honoring that deal.

Another rumor floating around suggests that Kojima is working on a PSVR 2 game, which will lead the way during the launch scheduled early next year. Kojima himself has also stated he is hard at work on a new game which includes Norman Reedus. It’s quite possible for the studio to be working on several games though, so it’s likely all of these rumors could have some bearing.

Sony has stated there are more acquisitions in the works that will be announced soon, but has yet to reveal anything beyond Bungie. There are currently no PlayStation events planned, but hopefully that changes soon.


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