Metal Gear Solid V Secret Nuke Cutscene Triggered On PS3

Something that was discovered years ago was a type of endgame moment in MGSV where every nuke in the online portion of the game...

Metal Gear Solid Celebrates 20th Anniversary, We Still Have Hope For...

Metal Gear Solid is the game that really made me fall in love with gaming. Thank You Hideo Kojima for all you have done for this industry!

Mads Mikkelson Stars in Unnerving New Trailer for Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima's first game from his solo company, Death Stranding, premiered a new trailer at the Game Awards 2016 that creates more questions than answers.  Check it out!

Kojima’s Death Stranding To Appear At PSX ’16

Hideo Kojima, best known for Metal Gear Solid, will be appearing at Sony's PlayStation this event this weekend with his new game.

Konami Unveils Trailer for Metal Gear Survive

Konami is continuing the Metal Gear brand without its creator, Hideo Kojima, with the reveal of their new project Metal Gear Survive.  Check out the trailer and learn more about the co-op game.

Kojima Releases Full Render Of Studio Mascot

Recently Hideo Kojima revealed that the logo for his new studio represented a full character, and today he showed it off.

Kojima Production Logo Is Actually Something More

According to Kojima, his new logo is technically hiding something with a full reveal coming soon.

The Best Mechanics Of Horror Games We Love

It’s October and you know what that means! Besides The Walking Dead, it means Halloween or Dia de los Muertos is close! At Cinelinx we want to celebrate this month by talking about our favorite horror games, or games in relation to the holiday. Today we want to discuss what makes games so scary, or why you probably couldn’t sleep for 5 nights after playing some games. So sit back and check out some methods games use to make you pee your pants!

PES May Be Last AAA Franchise With Konami

Several reports are coming out of Konami after MGSV's release that note that all AAA production has ceased except for the PES franchise.

Metal Gear Online Gets Detailed With New Trailer

Don't forget that Metal Gear isn't done with the big Phantom Pain release as we still get Metal Gear Online in October. Check out the new details and trailer!

Focal Point: The Bare Necessities

In these trying times it's important to stick to only the essentials, and important concept in this week's Focal Point comic! We're back this...