Ubisoft Montpellier Shows Off A 14-Minute Demo For Beyond Good and Evil 2

If you left Ubisoft‘s E3 2017 Press Conference with an appetite for more Beyond Good & Evil 2, you’re in the majority.  Thankfully, Ubisoft Montpellier is here to quench your thirst with a 14-minute demo of BGE2, hosted by Creative Director Michel Ancel!

During the demo, Ancel explains that this demo is“a mix between a technological demonstration of the engine that we call Voyager, and the actual game with some gameplay elements,” so it’s entirely possible that what we’re seeing isn’t exactly what we’ll see when the game comes out, eventually.  Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty amazing to see their process and all the elements they’re working on integrating.

Elements like fitting smaller ships inside bigger ships, called Motherships, traveling within an open-universe, creating unique/satisfying experiences while exploring multiple planets, character selection, among other things.  One of the more important parts of the process for Ancel is making sure that everything connects to each other.

“It’s not just about the planet on one side and the story on the other one, The planet and the story are connected, and that’s a very important thing for us.”

Despite it being in the very early stages of development, everything Ancel shows us looks absolutely amazing.  The open-world concept with a philosophy that encourages exploration is something we crave as gamers.  Plus, with the exciting, yet humorous reveal trailer setting the tone, it’s highly likely that fans who’ve waited years for another sequel to Beyond Good & Evil will not be disappointed with this prequel.

For more Beyond Good & Evil 2 and to help Ubisoft Montpellier develop the game, sign up for their Space Monkey Program here.


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